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Calculating Home Exterior Renovation Cost

Planning to renovate your exterior? If you do, it would be wise if you calculate the home exterior renovation cost first. Here, we listed factors that affect home exterior renovation cost, such as painting, landscaping, trimming, railing, decorations and designer services. While we may not be able to tell you how much the exact home exterior renovation cost of your renovation will be, you will get insight into it.

Average Costs of Each Part of Renovation

How much the total home exterior renovation cost will depend on what kind of renovation do you want. Of course, the more parts you want to renovate, the more expensive the total home exterior makeover cost will be. Below, we listed the parts that are commonly renovated. We include its average costs so you can get an insight into how much house exterior makeover cost you may need to pay.

1. Painting
Let’s start with something simple that affect home exterior renovation cost: the painting. The average cost of exterior painting project is approximately $2,802. There are at least three factors affecting the painting cost: the size of the painting project, the quality of the paint and the contractor’s payment.
Hiring a contractor to do the project may seem expensive at glance. But, if we consider the safety aspect and that the project getting well done, we say it is worth the price.

2. Landscaping
Landscaping makes the house and the yard blends nicely. If yours are disconnected, a landscaping project may be needed to create a seamless look. Of course, landscaping is another factor that affects the total home exterior renovation cost. The average landscaping cost is around $3,240.

3. Doors and Windows Trimming
Making the doors and windows look clean and beautiful is the purpose of trimming. Compared to the other factors, the average cost of trimming doors and windows is the least expensive. The average cost is approximately $235.

If your house has a lot of doors and windows at the front, trimming them is a good idea. Even more so if you want to improve the curb appeal. After all, who wouldn’t like a house with clean, beautiful doors and windows?

4. Front Porch Railing
The porch railing may not seem important. Yet, as simple as it might be, the porch railing can make the exterior looks far more interesting. Of course, we are not talking about the standard, run-of-the-mill porch railing. We are talking about a good-looking one.

The average cost of replacing porch railing is around $600. The more intricate the railing, the more expensive it will likely be. Installing porch railing may add the home exterior renovation cost but if it increases the value of the house, it is worth the cost.

5. Decorations
A renovation is not complete without decorations. Yes, this applies to the exterior, too. There are various decorations for the exterior. For example, lighting, furniture and even miscellaneous like flower pots and throw pillows.

The average costs of decorations vary, depending on the decoration. On average, the cost of furniture is around $300, lighting is around $200 and miscellaneous item is around $200.

6. Exterior Designer Services
Last but not least, the designer services cost. Obviously, if you hire an exterior designer, it will add up to the home exterior renovation cost. The cost of one designer to another varies widely. On average, the hourly rate of an exterior designer is between $100 and $200. An exterior designer tends to prefer a specific contractor, which may increase the total cost further.

The above are parts that affect the total home exterior renovation cost. You can use the average costs of these parts to calculate and predict the total cost of your renovation. While it may not be totally accurate, having insight on the cost will certainly be helpful.

Calculating Home Exterior Renovation Cost