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Top Home Appliances Logo Design That Are Easily Recognizable and Impactful

It is a fact that buying home appliances can be confusing for many people. After all, there are just so many appliances out there, each with their own home appliances logo design. This is why home appliances logo design is important as it is something that is recognized immediately by buyers. Here, we listed the 5 examples of the top home appliances logo design today.

The Best Logo Designs Today

There are lots and lots of home appliances design and manufacturing. Yet, there are not many examples of home appliances logo design that is easily recognizable and has an impact. Some examples of the most recognizable and impactful home appliances design concept are Whirlpool, Black and Decker, Electrolux, LG, and Hotpoint. Let’s see each one of them.

1. Whirlpool
The first home appliances logo design comes from Whirlpool appliances. You probably have seen this logo at some point. It is not surprising considering that Whirlpool has various appliance brands yet use the same logo for their products.

There are unique things about Whirlpool’s logo that make it so recognizable and impactful. Notice how the logo has a signature whirlpool above the letter “W.” Not only that, but the logo also has a yellow ring that encircles the name diagonally. This adds more color and unique shape, making the logo to stand out even further.

2. Black and Decker
The next most recognizable and impactful home appliances logo design is Black and Decker. Black and Decker may not have a unique name like Whirlpool. And yet, it is a brand that many people know and buy. Its good brand-awareness is partly due to its unique logo.

Notice how it is composed of two parts: the orange hexagon on the left and the black “BLACK & DECKER” on the right. The contrast between the hexagon and the letters are what make the logo so attention-grabbing. It is simple, yet it is effective to increase the brand’s visibility.

3. Electrolux
There are many home appliance brands in the market. Among the upscale choices is Electrolux home appliance. It is not just an ordinary brand, though. Electrolux offers many unique features, including its logo.

The logo is all black with unique shapes on the left and letters on the right. The left part is particularly unique because it has three different shapes: there is a triangle enclosed a circle with the circle itself enclosed in a square. It symbolizes Electrolux’s strength, friendliness, and tradition.

4. LG
LG has gained popularity in the home appliance market. It offers various home appliances, providing buyers with lots of choices to help them with their daily needs. Of course, LG’s logo also contributes to its brand visibility.

What is unique about LG’s logo is that it has a friendly look and is quite memorable. There is a red circle on the left with unique shapes that resemble a human face and the letters “LG” on the right. This combination creates a logo that stands out and attracts attention but without having to look like a sore thumb.

5. Hotpoint
The last example of home appliances logo design is Hotpoint. Hotpoint’s logo is comprised of a square with a dot on the left and the letters “Hotpoint” on the right.
The square on the left makes Hotpoint immediately recognizable as it serves as “anchor” that buyers look for when they shop. The edges of the square are rounded, giving a friendly image. Added with the fact that Hotpoint is a “value” brand, buyers can’t help but immediately recognize it.

Many people buy home appliances not because of logical reasons like consumer reviews or recommendation. Rather, they go by impulse and personal preference. This is why home appliances logo design is important, as the examples above have shown.

Top Home Appliances Logo Design That Are Easily Recognizable and Impactful